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Oral Treatment of Chinese Medicine

  Oral Chinese medicines, referring to oral capsules or herbal soup made from herbal medicine which can invigorate the circulation of blood, can drive away the phlegm-damp retention in organs.

  1, Therapeutic features:

  Oral Chinese medicines focus on the use of medicine that can can invigorate the circulation of blood, aiming to eliminate inflammation and toxin and blood stasis. Practice has proven that the treatment is effective in treat kidney disease.oral treatment of chinese medicien

  2, Principle of treatment:

  This therapy works by clear the pathogenic factors in the body and improve blood flow.

  3, Curative effects:

  1) Urine volume increase. Nocturnal urine volume reduce. Urine color become yellow. Smell become thick, Floccule appear.

  2) Early recovery of renal function (increased urinary creatinine). Nocturia decreased. Ecchymosis conditions relieve.

  3) Systemic symptoms of poisoning disappeared: Skin itching alleviate. Ammonia in the mouth disappeared. Gastrointestinal symptoms improved. Feel like to eat.

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