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How to Treat Chronic

  In life there are many people with chronic nephritis will appear after a long period of treatment and not a good effect of the situation, the reason is because patients in the treatment process does not attach importance to the important role of self-care, so that It can not achieve the purpose of consolidating treatment.

  First of all, patients in peacetime must pay attention to regular monitoring of their urine, which is timely detection of disease changes is very important. At the same time patients to maintain a regular lifestyle, if asymptomatic, only a small amount of protein in the urine, red blood cells, without significant damage to renal function can be normal activities. But pay attention to avoid fatigue, to prevent infection. When the acute onset of gross hematuria, high blood pressure, edema, severe, should stay in bed.

  Patients in the daily life must actively play a healthy diet care, which promote chronic nephritis caused by kidney damage as soon as possible to eliminate a great role. But not blindly, but also according to different types of chronic nephritis given a different diet. If edema, blood pressure, salt intake should be limited. Large amounts of proteinuria, but normal renal function, should be given a high-protein diet. Renal damage significantly, with azotemia, according to the disease given the appropriate amount of high bioavailability of protein diet, such as: eggs, milk, lean meat and ensure adequate calories.

  Patients with family members should always persuade patients with chronic nephritis, to avoid their negative feelings of pessimism. To know the positive and healthy state of mind to cure patients with chronic nephritis has a very important positive role. Therefore, patients in peacetime must pay attention to adjust their emotions, avoid anxiety, guilt, shame and other negative emotions interference, leading to persistent disease refractory.


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