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prevention measures for kidney disease

  prevention measures for kidney disease




  The adults should check routine urine and kidney function once a year. If the urinary protein and serum creatinine in urine routine inspection increased, we should pay attention to it, and find a specialist to do further examination.

  The high-risk groups for chronic kidney disease (CKD) , such as the elderly over the age of 60, Chronic kidney disease patients' families, patients with metabolic diseases such as diabetes, gout and high uric acid hematic disease, patients with high blood pressure, systemic lupus erythematosus (sle), hepatitis, tumor, systemic infection, urinary stones, urinary tract infection, urinary tract obstruction, patients with a history of acute renal failure, patients with renal units reducing (unilateral kidney or partial nephrectomy), regardless of symptoms, all should go to a hospital to check a routine urine, renal function and renal ultrasound every six months.




  Participate in aerobic exercise, exercise appropriately. Doing more exercise under the sun with much sweat, can help expel excess acidity material, so as to prevent the happening of the disease.




  Keep a good mood, do not have too much psychological pressure, the heavy pressure can lead to acid deposition, affect the normal metabolism, adjusting the mood and stress appropriately can keep alkalescent constitution itself, so as to prevent the happening of the disease.




  Have a regular life.


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