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Life Lies in Movement-- -Kidney Disease and Physical Exercis

  Life Lies in Movement-- -Kidney Disease and Physical Exercise



  Life lies in movement. Doing proper physical exercise is beneficial kidney disease patients’ treatment and recovery. Some patients are so cautious about their body. They fear fatigue so deeply that they would not do any physical exercise. They just lay on bed with great mental pressure. This behavior has negative impact on their recovery and efficacy. They should hold a sensible attitude towards the disease and do some proper physical exercise just like shadowboxing ,jog and so on. Those exercise would not damage their body.



  Kidney disease patients are recommended not to eat food with high protein. They also face great mental pressure and inappetence. So they are in poor physical state and vulnerable to cold and gastro-intestinal infections. Through doing proper physical exercise, patients can strengthen body immunity and keep optimistic mood. Their appetite can be improved. Also doing exercise is helpful to cure muscle atrophy that result from malnutrition and lack of protein.

  Sometimes kidney disease comes along with heart failure. It is very harmful to the patients. Once the patients get hypertension or anemia, the situation would be much worse. To control blood pressure, keeping doing physical exercise regularly is a good option. Then the patients can loss weight and improve function of heart. What’s more, doing exercise can increase the level of ferroheme. It is beneficial to cure anemia.

  For the patients who receive long-term dialysis, they lack active vitamin D, which would lead to kidney disease. Daily diet can offer active vitamin D. But the enzyme which can convert active vitamin D is suppressed. So active vitamin D dose not work. Some patients choose to take medicine to supply active vitamin D. But those medicine would lead to hypercalcemia. So the patients should go outside and have a sunbath. Then some natural active vitamin would form through chemical synthesis effect.



  Kidney disease patients often suffer skin itch, particularly for senior citizens. To prevent skin itch, the patients should receive prefect dialysis. They should take shower properly and take food which is not excitant. They also should do physical exercise. With fewer sweat and massage after exercise, the patients can improve their blood circulation and ease their itching.


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