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What are the effects of Hot Compress Therapy?

  What are the effects of Hot Compress Therapy?

  Hot Compress Therapy can make use of traditional Chinese medicine more effectively. Besides, this therapy can also take many other medical benefits to patient’s body health.

  1.Expanding blood vessel: this therapy can help expand patient’s renal blood vessel, which can help increase patient’s blood circulation. That can help the transportation of nutrients to patients’ kidney, and it is also helpful for the excretion of wastes and matrix by kidney.

  2. Anti-inflammation: this is another obvious benefit that can be gotten from this therapy. Kidney disease reflects by the inflammatory reaction in kidney, and this therapy will help resist it.

  3. Anti-coagulation: inflammation in kidney can activate the platelet, and that may lead to its increase, which may cause thrombus blocking, and that may lead to the shortage of oxygen and ischemia in patient’s kidney. While hot compress therapy can help remove blood stasis by using some effective medicine ingredients.

  4. Degradation of extracellular matrix: the extracellular matrix in kidney will prevent the recovery of patient’s kidney function, and they can also aggravate the inflammatory reaction in kidney. So to repair patient’s kidney function, it is necessary to degrade the extracellular matrix.



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