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Nephrotic Syndrome
  • Clinical manifestations of nephrotic syndrom

    Update Time:2017-04-11 18:19:26 Click Rate:71

    Heavy proteinuria is the most important clinical manifestations of NS patients, but also the most basic pathophysiological mechanism of nephrotic syndrome. A large number of proteinuria is the output of adult urinary protein >3.5g/d. Under n...[readmore]

  • Beware of the acute nephritis caused by overwork

    Update Time:2017-02-11 13:51:51 Click Rate:96

    Excessive fatigue can easily lower one’s resistance and make people infect the bacteria and virus, which will trigger acute glomerulonephritis....[readmore]

  • Inventory the five harms of nephritis

    Update Time:2017-02-08 16:51:03 Click Rate:142

     Kidney is a vital organ in our body.It will bring us danger when it has problems.Most nephritis patients arise two common phenomenon which will cause huge dangers for patients.Today I will introduce the harms of nephritis....[readmore]

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