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Simple nephrotic syndrome

  Nephrotic syndrome (referred to as nephropathy) is due to increased glomerular filtration membrane permeability, a large number of plasma protein caused by loss of urine syndrome, the incidence of urinary tract disease in children with the second, the clinical characteristics of a large number of protein Urine, hypoalbuminemia, hypercholesterolemia and obvious edema.

  Due to glomerular filtration membrane permeability changes, protein swim increased, the formation of a large number of proteinuria. Glomerular filtration membrane permeability changes, in addition to pathological changes, but also with the glomerular epithelial cell membrane surface charge changes. Normal membrane surface with sialic acid protein, with negative charge, and albumin molecules in the PH7.4 pairs of negative charge, due to homosexual repression, so that albumin is not easy to filter, simple renal disease when the sialic acid protein. Thereby increasing the protein filtration.

  A large number of proteinuria lead to hypoproteinemia, especially albumin decline, the plasma colloid osmotic pressure decreased, water and electrolyte from the blood vessels inside and outside the seepage to the tissue gap, coupled with increased secondary aldosterone secretion, increased antidiuretic hormone secretion. Sodium deficiency factor and other factors, further aggravate edema.

  Hypercholesterolemia, the main reason is due to increased liver compensatory synthesis, followed by decreased lipoprotein catabolism.


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