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Nephrotic syndrome can live long

  There is no definite answer, and the daily life and treatment methods, etc., the following experts for everyone to give you a detailed answer! Hope to help you!

  One should look at the treatment method! If the control is good, then generally does not affect life, if the control is not good, repeated attacks do not say, in general, nephrotic syndrome than chronic nephritis to light, chronic nephritis have a considerable Most will be converted to renal failure, usually 2 to 20 years, and nephrotic syndrome patients, active treatment is no problem. In the choice of treatment of the hospital should not only aim at large-scale comprehensive large hospitals, but to choose a professional treatment of the hospital, this hospital it all the thoughts are on the treatment of nephropathy.

  Second, but also to avoid the recurrence of factors! Nephrotic syndrome patients to prevent recurrence should pay close attention to the doctor diagnosis and treatment, as soon as possible diagnosis, conditional biopsy can be used for renal biopsy from the cell structure to determine the nature of the disease, and then develop targeted individualized treatment Program; nephrotic syndrome in the program after the development of patients to do is strict compliance; positive and prudent to deal with colds, infections, doctors in the phone: under the guidance of prescription is good policy; to maintain a good attitude and good eating habits, mental state and diet For patients with nephrotic syndrome, hospitalization and prognosis are a very important factor, which is also related to how long can be sick nephrotic syndrome; should be appropriate to strengthen their own health care, appropriate exercise, improve physical fitness. Nephrotic syndrome can live long time this problem is not like uremia as long as the positive treatment, do not need to worry about how long the disease can live nephrotic syndrome.

  Third, but also depends on the degree of disease! Nephrotic syndrome can live long depends on the specific circumstances of the disease, nephrotic syndrome can be cured early, if not cured to uremia, it affects the safety of life.


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