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What should people do once they were diagnosed with nephroti

  Many doctor said steroid is the only and effective treatment. However, is it true? Can steroid treatment help stop relapse of the disease from root? Bring these questions, you can get answers in following article.

  In fact, steroids is the most commonly suggested treatment, which is effective in stopping proteinuria in a short time. However, long term steroids intake can cause many severe side effects, and patients can get relapsed easily when they reduce the dosage of steroids or stop medicine. So, we can know, steroids treatment is not the best treatment.

  In China, the featured treatment for nephrotic syndrome is taking traditional Chinese medicine, and there are various Chinese therapies used for different cases. Here is a successful patient story that NS patient get great improvements with Chinese treatment without relapse. Mr. Li is 52 years old, and he had suffered from nephrotic syndrome for about 2 years. Although he took steroids and got many improvements of his illness condition, but his disease got relapsed frequently, and his 24 hour UPr never reduced lower than 2g. On September, he came to Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, and deveided to get systematic Chinese medicine treatment.

  When he just came, there were severe swelling in his lower legs, and his uric acid was as high as 444 umol/L, proteinuria 2+, hematuria 1+, 24 hour UPr 4.53g. After analyzing his case, the expert team made systematic Chinese medicine treatment plan for him. The therapies include Maikang mixture, foot bath, hot compress and full bath, in addition, nurses also remind him to take moxibustion on time everyday. Doctor told him Chinese medicine treatment is mainly used to improve the whole blood circulation in blood vessels and kidneys, which can make a good blood environment for kidney recovery. Taking steroid treatment can only suppress the immune inflammation reactions in body, which can control the symptoms. But it cant remedy the NS from root. So, Chinese medicine treatment will be a better choice.

  After taking about 11 days’ treatment in China, Mr. Li’s condition got great improvements, hematuria changed into negative, 24 hours’ UPr reduced to 1.01 g. He was very satisfied with the curative effects, and he said he would take continue treatment. In addition, the Chinese treatment will not cause any side effects.

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