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How to intake protein for the patients with nephrotic syndro

  With lots of protein in urine but no renal dysfunction, no need to limit the amount intake of protein .

  But it’s better to choice milk, eggs ,birds or freshwater fish meat and other high-quality protein.

  In the early and extremely stage,give higher high-quality protein 1-1.5g/ (kg. d),it can help to alleviate hypoalbuminemia and its complications;

  But because of restricted protein intake can delay the progress of chronic renal insufficiency, to choric and non-extremely the patients with nephrotic syndrome intake protein should control within 0.7-1g/(kg.d);

  If chronic renal insufficiency occur ,protein intake should control within 0.65g(kg. d) .

  Specific individual intake can be obtained under the guidance of a doctor with reference to the following formula:

  nephrotic syndrome patients can intake protein (g)=1.45 * nephrotic syndrome in patients with 24-hour urine protein quantitation+0.6* pre - sick weight in patients with nephrotic syndrome.

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