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The prevention and diet for primary nephroritic syndrome

  The prevention and diet for primary nephroritic syndrome

  The prevention:

  1. At ordinary times, arrange work and rest system reasonably for life, strengthen physical exercise, and avoid overfatigue.

  2. Keep nutrition intake balance, enhance physical fitness and body resistance.

  3. Pay attention to personal hygiene and environmental sanitation.

  4. Stay relaxed and happy mood, strengthen the awareness of self-care.



  5. Actively prevent and treat the lesions and chronic kidney disease.

  Dietotherapy party:

  1. Pay attention to the patient's diet.

  2. Give enough calories to ensure the resonable diet structure.

  3. Should not give overly control on low salt, and limit salt for 1 ~ 2 g/d.

  4. Protein intake should be appropriate for 1 ~ 2 g/(kg · d). At the same time,if the patients have kidney failure, the low protein diet is less than 0.5 g/(kg · d).




  Notice to supply all kinds of water-soluble vitamins and vitamin D and calcium, zinc and so on.

  Suitable food:

  6. the food with high-protein nutritious

  7. the food containing rich vitamin and mineral

  8. the food with high quantity of heat and easy to digest

  unsuitable food:

  1. the fried food, the food hard to digest.

  2. Smoked, grilled, cold and stimulating food.

  3. The food with high-salt or high-fat.

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