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How to diagnose chronic nephritis

  Chronic nephritis is a common disease, but how can we know that they suffer from chronic nephritis?. So, how to diagnose chronic nephritis? Here, we look at Shijiazhuang kidney hospital experts on how to confirm the diagnosis of chronic nephritis!

  In order to diagnose chronic nephritis, experts say: some patients with hypertension symptoms to the hospital for treatment, the doctor should know their urine tests after chronic nephritis is caused by elevated blood pressure. Urinary abnormalities are almost inevitable in patients with chronic nephritis, and are the most common clinical manifestations of chronic nephritis. Patients with edema will appear to reduce the amount of urine, and the more severe the degree of edema, the more obvious reduction in urine volume, no edema in patients with urine volume of the majority of normal. Also in patients with chronic nephritis dizziness insomnia, anorexia, lassitude, fatigue, anemia and other symptoms of varying degrees. If you find yourself in your daily life or friends and relatives around the above symptoms, you should go to the hospital for timely diagnosis and examination.

  Patients with acute nephritis in 1 to 3 weeks before the disease often have respiratory or skin infection history as signs, such as acute pharyngitis, tonsillitis, gum abscess, scarlet fever, measles, chickenpox, skin abscess. Chronic nephritis most without a history of acute nephritis or streptococcus infection history, so it is difficult to determine the etiology. Occult nephritis with chronic nephritis as is often the case, there is no acute or chronic nephritis or nephropathy history.

  All kinds of nephritis third Datong disease is high blood pressure, some patients for renal biopsy to confirm the diagnosis of nephritis, urine routine clinical test index can show that damage to the kidney, but for some special conditions and special types of renal damage nephropathy, renal biopsy is essential for clinical diagnosis and treatment methods.

  The above is about how to confirm the diagnosis of chronic nephritis related knowledge, through the introduction of the above hope can help you learn more about nephritis.


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