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Nephritis note what

  There are many kinds of nephritis, according to the initial cause of the disease can be pided into primary glomerulonephritis and secondary glomerulonephritis. Nephritis is an autoimmune disease, is an inflammatory reaction in renal immune mediated, different antigen microbial infection of the human body, produce different antibodies, immune complex synthesis of different nodes, the pathological damage by deposition in different parts of the kidney, the formation of different types of nephritis, nephritis in patients in addition to routine the treatment of positive measures, should pay attention to in daily life, here we explain explain nephritis note what? Hope will give you a little help.

  Nephritis note the following points:

  1, pay attention to rest, to avoid too tired to avoid cold or upper respiratory tract infection.

  2, tonsillitis, sinusitis, otitis media, dental caries should be timely diagnosis and treatment, pay attention to personal hygiene, keep skin clean, avoid skin damage, these are factors may lead to recurrence of the original disease or activity.

  3, edema, a large number of proteinuria and renal function in patients with edema, can be appropriate to supplement the protein diet, no edema and hypoproteinemia patients need to limit the intake of protein. Daily protein intake should be limited in 0.6 gram per kilogram of body weight (a bottle of milk contains about 6 grams of protein, each egg contains about 6 grams of protein, 50 grams each Steamed Rice contains about 4 grams of vegetable protein).

  4, edema, high blood pressure and cardiac dysfunction, should be a low salt diet, salt should be less than 5 grams per day, about the size of a bean.

  5, to avoid taking drugs containing phenacetin kind of antipyretic analgesics and other renal function damage, such as kanamycin, gentamicin. Always check the urine, if the urine red blood cells per high-power field of vision more than 10, it is necessary to stay in bed.

  Through the above explanation, we should be aware of what the attention of nephritis, experts pointed out that only reasonable health care, in order to restore faster,

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