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What are the early symptoms of nephritis

  In order to prevent the aggravation of nephritis, we are able to take timely treatment, we must know what the clinical symptoms of nephritis. Today, let us know what are the early symptoms of nephritis.

  1, body edema.

  Early symptoms of nephritis is the most obvious swelling of the body, and the body will always appear in the treatment of swelling of the kidney. Edema of different patients or light or heavy, the former only in the morning to find the cheeks, eyes appear obvious edema, but also in the rest of the day when there is a significant part of the ankle edema. The latter is more serious, the body will appear edema, when the emergence of this phenomenon, must not be careless, should be immediately to the hospital for targeted diagnosis and early diagnosis of the disease. Of course, there may be a small number of patients with nephritis will not appear edema.

  2, hypertension symptoms.

  This requires us to pay special attention to nephritis patients, in general, nephritis and hypertension and there is no direct causal relationship between these two diseases did not affect each other. However, once the patients for kidney failure or worsening nephritis uremia, hypertension and a concomitant phenomenon will get out of hand! In addition, there is one thing we need to understand is that the skills in the prognosis of the whole body symptoms of patients with hypertension nephritis (physical and resistance) than no hypertension nephritis patients to be inferior many. Therefore, we should do a good job in the prevention of hypertension in life, diet and diet should maintain scientific and healthy.

  3, urine volume decreased significantly.

  This point also should pay special attention to! In general, acute nephritis will significantly reduce the amount of urine in the urine color is darker and deeper (may be accompanied by edema), will be a small number of patients without urinary phenomenon! There are relatively serious situation is inpidual nephritis patients will Niaoxue phenomenon, the serious the symptom lasts a few days or weeks. In addition, there are a number of patients with acute nephritis oliguria, nausea and physical weakness, loss of appetite and a series of adverse reactions.

  4, urine bubble phenomenon.

  This is the most easily overlooked problems in many patients with nephritis, and no special attention. The increase in urine foam means that the urine protein has increased in urine, the human body is a large number of protein loss. The loss of protein reason is that kidney function damage can not be good filtration, kidney and urinary catheter obstacles will leak large amounts of protein into the urine protein. This should be highly valued, there is a bubble in urine is to tell us that you have a problem.


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