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What are the causes of nephritis

  Glomerulonephritis is a common disease, urgent chronic, usually with occult blood proteinuria as the main symptom, so what is the reason for the occurrence of nephritis nephritis caused? What are the reasons? Let's look at the introduction of the hospital experts.

  Experts pointed out that the onset of chronic nephritis can be summarized as the following five:

  1 and the onset of acute glomerulonephritis, failed to completely control the clinical symptoms and urinary protein persists in more than 1 years, and the evolution of chronic nephritis.

  2, in the past without a history of nephritis, due to upper respiratory tract or other infections, significant edema and massive proteinuria and other symptoms of nephrotic syndrome.

  3, in the past there is a history of acute nephritis, after a few weeks or months of recuperation, clinical symptoms and abnormal urine disappeared, normal renal function. After a long period of time (up to several years old), due to upper respiratory tract or other infections or overwork, sudden onset of proteinuria, edema, or (and) high blood pressure and other symptoms of nephritis.

  4, in the past without a history of nephritis, often due to infection or fatigue after the occurrence of hematuria and (or) proteinuria, after a short break soon to reduce or disappear. There is no obvious clinical symptoms.

  5. In the past, there was no history of nephritis, proteinuria, progressive hypertension and / or renal insufficiency in the short term.


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