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What are the early symptoms of pyelonephritis

  What are the symptoms of pyelonephritis disease will be many people want to know, this disease has many obvious characteristics in the early stage, is also relatively easy to distinguish the patients. If the patient can not be diagnosed by these features in a timely manner, it must be timely inspection.

  The early symptoms of pyelonephritis are generally more obvious, as long as the notice some change in the patients, also can be a good judge, the disease refers to inflammation of kidney Yu, mostly caused by bacterial infection, usually with urethra disease, according to the clinical course of disease and disease, the disease can be pided into acute and two chronic, chronic pyelonephritis is an important cause of chronic renal insufficiency. The early symptoms of the disease were complex, patients can result from a variety of causes of recurrent, frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, hematuria, burning characteristics. The disease if the treatment is not thorough, long-term repeated attacks, is the formation of chronic pyelonephritis. The pathological changes of the disease with the glenoid calyces mucosa and interstitial fibrosis of renal tubular dysfunction scar deformation. General characteristics of fatigue, loss of appetite, waist soreness or intermittent recurrent feature of urinary tract infection, can have low heat or no heat, for patients with advanced renal dysfunction and dizziness headache, nausea and vomiting of uremia.

  There will be lots of pyelonephritis in the early symptoms, there are a lot of features is that many patients do not pay attention, so patients must understand the characteristics of the disease, the disease can appear polyuria, nocturia, hypokalemia, some patients showed renal hypertension. Some patients may have acute episode obviously, but more insidious onset, slow progression, delayed healing, because ultimately died of uremia. The disease is often due to fatigue, weakness, genitals are acute attack to clean and cold. Patients should pay attention to the law of life, from time to time to rest, quit alcohol, maintain a cheerful mood, emotional stability, in order to promote rehabilitation, pay attention to work and rest, not excessive fatigue. Diet and choose light, easy to digest and nutritious food. Patients with urinary tract obstruction and infection should be promptly ruled out and for the cause of treatment, antimicrobial therapy should be based on strains and drug susceptibility test results, targeted drugs, the use of a combination of drugs. The general course of treatment was 2 weeks, interval 5-7 days later for a course, until the normal urine routine examination, bacterial culture negative.

  Experts pointed out that the kidney hospital, pyelonephritis also has two kinds of acute and chronic diseases, which are not the same, generally speaking, there is no obvious symptoms of chronic pyelonephritis, acute and opposite. Sudden onset of acute pyelonephritis, suddenly with chills, fever, dizziness, body pain, nausea and vomiting, features such as the lack of systemic infection. Ascending infection in fever before occurrence frequent micturition, urgency and dysuria and a series of stimulus features of bladder. Lumbago is common. The inspection may have increased leukocyte and erythrocyte sedimentation increased, urinary pyuria and bacteriuria mainly to change. Most of the chronic disease by the acute period, failed to timely treatment of change, the general course of more than 6 months of chronic. The characteristics of the complex, sometimes only a small amount of white blood cells and bacteria in the urine and urine protein; some only have fatigue, irregular fever and backache; some may have long-term recurrent urinary tract infection. The course of the disease lasts for several years or decades, and can eventually lead to renal failure, leading to the formation of uremia.

  The above is to introduce the early symptoms of patients with pyelonephritis, usually in if the above characteristics, must be timely treatment to prevent disease progression.


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