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Children nephritis good medicine

  This is one of the most concerned about the issue of parents, experts said, for the treatment of nephritis, must be a thorough treatment of the kidney itself, the only way to achieve a good therapeutic effect. Below we ask experts to give us a detailed introduction of the next bar.

  Experts pointed out that children's nephritis is generally referred to as glomerulonephritis, is a bilateral kidney diffuse, non suppurative disease. Occurs in school-age children, 6-9 years old is the most common. Bacterial or viral infection of the upper respiratory tract inflammation in Chang Jifa, but not the onset of nephritis virus or bacteria directly kidney damage occurred, but because the pathogen invades the human body, causing a series of in vivo generated autoimmune reaction, cause kidney damage and disease.

  The expert reminds: child nephritis as soon as possible to the hospital receiving treatment at the same time, choose a suitable treatment method, the only way to achieve a reasonable treatment effect, so that people get rid of diseases as early as possible! The hospital is to plan treatment according to the physical characteristics and disease stage of patients, the use of traditional Chinese and Western medicine and method used in coexist. Western medicine treatment process, supplemented with the function method of Chinese medicine and medicine, which greatly reduce the side effects of Western medicine. In order to improve the clinical symptoms of kidney, reduce glomerular inflammation, alleviate or remove abnormal urine (proteinuria or hematuria), improve the residual glomerular function, to delay the progression of renal failure.

  The above is the child good medicine nephritis, through the introduction of the above, now you should see it, if you want to know more details, please contact our online experts, we wholeheartedly at your service!


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