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Five symptoms of women nephritis

  1, Inflammation in different degree

  Actually, nephritis has close relation with inflammation for most patients. Sometimes, upper respiratory infection and sphagitis would appear, when these symptoms appear, you should do check in time so as to avoid nephritis.

  2, swelling

  Generally, women nephritis patients, swelling appears sometimes, the most common swelling is appeared in face, lower limbs and stomach. At the same time, patients also will have the symptoms like fatigue, back pain,etc. Blood in urine, and urine color is abnormal. All these symptoms might be the sign of earlier nephritis. Women should pay more attention to it, and checking it in time.

  3, urine volume is abnormal

  Some women patients have symptoms like abnormal urine volume, urination time increasing and decreasing,especially in the night, you should pay high attention when urination time is over 3. And you should do urine test so as to assure that your kidney hasn’t been damaged.

  4, appearing high blood pressure

  Around surveying women nephritis, almost one third has high blood pressure, shown as light headed,fatigue, poor sleep quality,etc. Long-term high blood pressure, it would influence patients normal life and job seriously. Once these symptoms appear, you should do some relevant test in older to find it earlier and treat it earlier.

  5, Middle degreeAnemia will appear when women nephritis has down to middle degree, they also usually feel fatigue, face pale. You should receive test so as to treat it according to symptoms.

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