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Causes and symptoms

  Causes and symptoms

  Acute glomerulonephritis usually develops a few weeks after a strep infection of the throat or skin. Symptoms ofglomerulonephritis include fatigue, high blood pressure, and swelling. Swelling is most notable in the hands, feet, anklesand face.

  Pyelonephritis usually occurs suddenly, and the acute form of this disease is more common in adult women. The mostcommon cause of this form of bacterial nephritis is the backward flow of infected urine from the bladder into the upperurinary tract. Its symptoms include fever and chills, fatigue, burning or frequent urination, cloudy or bloody urine, andaching pain on one or both sides of the lower back or abdomen.

  Hereditary nephritis can be present at birth. The rare disease presents in many different forms and can be responsible forup to 5% of end-stage renal disease in men.

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