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Health care of lupus nephritis

  Health care of lupus nephritis

  Lupus nephritis nursing

  1. Psychological nursing: disease or those taking hormone could cause the change of posture, facial features, barren and severe patients with partial loss of function, as a result, patient mood low, thought burden, lose confidence of life even refuse treatment. There family should give the patient to talk and make patient feel the love and warmth of the community, therefore, increasing more confidence for the treatment and drug reaction is reversible.

  2. Diet nursing should be in high calorie, high vitamin and low salt diet, in addition to renal insufficiency and can be to a high protein diet, if the family has good economy conditions can be long-term use of milk, especially colostrum, colostrum contains large amounts of antibodies, can increase the body's immune system.

  3. Daily care: Noticing that wear long sleeved underwear for outdoor activities, at the same time, wearing a wide brimmed hat is also necessary to reduce sun exposure, so as to avoid the aggravation of skin lesions.

  4. Medication care: Lupus nephritis treatment experts should guide patients to use the correct use of glucocorticoids.

  5. Prevent colds and infections: once the infection should be applied in a timely manner to a large number of antibiotics. Lupus nephritis patients should pay attention to keep warm.

  6. Rehabilitation exercise care: lupus nephritis patients not only should have adequate sleep, in order to alleviate fatigue, but also appropriate to participate in various activities, housework and rich cultural and recreational activities.

  7. Patients with lupus nephritis to alleviate the symptoms of the alternative, if the recurrence of symptoms need to be early medical treatment. Overwork, infection, reproduction is often the cause of recurrence, should pay attention to avoid. Women of childbearing age should be contraceptive, there are multiple organ damage should terminate the pregnancy.

  8. Containing rich vitamin E food: wheat germ, valley embryo, plant oil, cod liver oil, eggs, milk and cream, lettuce leaves, orange and so on. CAOTENG 8.8



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