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Stages of Lupus Nephritis

  Stages of Lupus Nephritis


 Type 1
After diagnosis, your doctor will want to determine the severity of your kidney damage. The World Health Organization (WHO) developed a system to classify the five different stages of lupus nephritis.


  Stage 1 means there’s no evidence of lupus nephritis.

  Stage 2 is the mildest form, and it’s easily treated with corticosteroids.

  Stage 3 is the earliest stage of advanced lupus. Treatment requires high amounts of corticosteroids. The outlook remains favorable.

  Stage 4 is an advanced stage of lupus. There’s a risk of kidney failure. People with lupus nephritis in this stage require high amounts of corticosteroids and immune suppression medications.

  Stage 5 involves excessive protein loss and swelling. Your doctor will treat this with high amounts of corticosteroids. They may or may not give you drugs that suppress your immune system.


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