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What cause LN?

  What cause LN?

  In fact,there is no certain conclusion about the causes of LN and SLE.According to recent researches,experts think that the main reason of LN,called Lupus Nephritis,is the deposition of immune complex on glomerulus capillary epithelial cells.Besides,heredity,habitus and the environment effect and worsen the disease process to some degree.

  As the disease goes on,the lesions will damage the glomerulus and affect multisystem and multiple organs in body.The damaged barrier function can not work normally and effectively and it lead to renal damage is worse and worse.Thus the renal function causes lesion and be damaged badly.What's worse,part or complete function loss of kidneys,even ESRF.


  Diagnosis of LN mainly depends on the definite diagnosis of SLE.In addition,there are 2 points that need attention.

  1In some cases,renal biopsy are necessary to make the definite diagnosis.

  2.Glomerular disease is the significant symbol of SLE.

  In addition to the above 2 points,according to detailed patients' cases,laboratory examination and pathological examination can also make right diagnosis.


  Due to the chronicity of LN,we can't make sure how long the patients can live certainly. In generally,if you are diagnosed with LN,the survival rate of 5-10 years is 75%-85%.Moreover,with the disease process,leakage of massive proteinuria and hypertension may occur,which indicates that the disease is worsen.What's worse,some complications,like high blood pressure and high blood sugar,may increase the risk of exacerbation.about 20% patients with LN may evolve into uremia in 10 years,which is the main result of death.

  Actually,different patients have different disease condition that lead to the various results of prognosis.An early and effectively treatment can make great difference to the life expectancy of LN patients.

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