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Kidney Failure
  • What are the early symptoms of renal failure

    Update Time:2017-04-12 10:49:10 Click Rate:156

    Renal failure in this disease has caused serious harm to you, for this disease, we must use the best method to carry on the treatment, but the premise is that we must first understand the early symptoms of common symptoms, now has the follow...[readmore]

  • Nursing care of patients with renal failure

    Update Time:2017-04-12 10:45:01 Click Rate:194

    A lot of people in the treatment of renal failure is simply to do the treatment, in fact, when we do treatment, we need to consider is to do a good job of patient care, to help patients recover faster. 1.Closely observe the change of illnes...[readmore]

  • Kidney failure

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    First,clSecond, acute kidneyassification:Kidney failure can be divided into two categories: acute kidney injury or chronic kidney disease. The type of renal failure is differentiated by the trend in the serum creatinine....[readmore]

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