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Complications of renal failure

  This problem has been troubled by many patients for many years, due to renal failure caused by systemic symptoms are rare, chronic renal failure often due to multiple complications and patient suffering.

  Nephrology experts explained that renal failure oliguria, potassium excretion decreased, the body catabolism continues to increase, metabolic acidosis, potassium to the extracellular metastasis, so that the use of potassium diuretics or other vascular conversion enzyme inhibitors can cause Severe hyperkalemia.

  Experts have explained that patients with renal failure may also have water loss or too much water: normal kidneys can be effective for large-scale regulation of water metabolism.

  Renal failure due to poor concentration of dysfunction, nocturia, polyuria, plus loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, easy to cause dehydration. Due to poor renal drainage capacity, drinking too much or rehydration properly, prone to water retention, manifested as edema, high blood pressure, heart failure and even lead to pulmonary edema, brain edema and other serious consequences.

  Renal failure patients with hyponatremia, which is mainly due to vomiting, diarrhea, sodium loss too much, renal tubular reabsorption of sodium reduced, prone to hyponatremia, the performance of fatigue, fear of food, severe The occurrence of hypotension and even coma. Like a sudden increase in sodium intake is easy to produce water and sodium retention, direct emergence of hypertensive edema and heart failure and so on.


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