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The side-effects of the hemodialysis

  1.Dialysis disequilibrium syndrome:

  The incidence rate is 3.4%-20%. The side-effects of the hemodialysis are mainly the symptoms of sickness, vomiting, anxiety and so on. The worse patients may be convulsive, insensible and even die. The patient whose disease is not serious don't need to take treatment. Those who are serious should take the treatment at once with high permeability solution, such as mannitol, 50% glucose or 3% Sodium chloride of 10ml or be put in x-protein.Sometimes, they need to take the sedative and get the treatment according to the symptoms. And even worse one should stop the dialysis.

  2.Comprehensive syndrome: It is mainly caused by the use of new dialysis machine and pipeline, The treatment for it is mainly according to the different syndromes.

  3.Hypotension: It is one of the most common side effect of the dialysis, which incidence rate is 20%-40%. There are many reasons to cause the hypotension. It mainly happens in the middle and later stage of the dialysis.

  The hypotension of the later dialysis is mainly caused by the fast filtration and inadaptation of the acetate dialysate. Treatment:Lower one's head and rise one's feet, stop ultrafiltration, slower bypower flow, sniff oxygen. When it is necessary, add normal saline 100-200ml or 50%glucose 20ml. Also put in x-protein and give patient's treatment according to the cause of the disease.

  4.To pyrogen reaction: Normally, don't need to take medicine. When the patient feel hyperpyrexia, reduce the dialysis temperature, take a appropriate use of antihistamine, hormone and febrifuge.

  5.Heart failure is one of the most dangerous and serious side effects. The treatment can be taken sequential dialysis or strengthen ultrafiltration accorfing to the symptoms.

  6.Arrhythmia: The incidence rate is about 50%. It is common in the ventricular premature beat. The reasons of the dialysis side effect are coronary heart disease, nonfunction, pericarditis, severe anemia electrolyte and acid-base disturbance, hyoxemia, hypotension medicine and so on.

  Treatment:According to the reason and symptoms, give the equivalent treatment, but pay attention to the retention and toxicity effect of the patients.


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