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What are the treatment of chronic renal failure

  Western medicine treatment

  Renal failure is the development of a variety of chronic kidney disease caused by the late part or all of the loss of renal function of the pathological state. Known as "human second cancer." For the treatment of renal failure, there are many clinical treatment.

  1. For treatment

  Treatment of renal failure causes, such as blood supply or blood loss, it will give the patient to add lost body fluids and water; if there is infection for further treatment of infection.

  2. Hemodialysis (dialysis)

  Because the kidneys have lost function, so doctors will temporarily use dialysis treatment (commonly known as dialysis), to help rid the body of toxins and waste; acute renal failure patients without proper treatment or uncontrollable, let the disease from acute Into chronic renal failure, it may be due to the development of uremia to anuria and life-long dialysis.

  3. Renal transplantation (kidney transplant)

  Some patients with end-stage renal failure, need long-term dialysis treatment, the patient's own economic and physical condition is appropriate, will choose the kidney transplant. Possible Sources of Kidney: Family, spouse, close friend, or person who died of brain death and who signed up to donate organs. Kidney transplantation (kidney transplant) in a short period of time can bring better quality of life for patients; but kidney transplant is a major project, although the current medical technology has been quite good, still need to do a lot of prior evaluation, in order to improve kidney success Of the probability.


  • The side-effects of the hemodialysis

    1.Dialysis disequilibrium syndrome: The incidence rate is 3.4%-20%. The side-effects of the hemodialysis are mainly the symptoms of sickness, vomiting, anxiety and so on. The worse patients may be convulsive, insensible and even die. The pa... readmore

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