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How kidneys fail



  How kidneys fail

  Kidneys maintain the chemistry of the body. They clean the body’s entire blood supply every 5 minutes. Approximately 200 quarts of blood flow through your kidneys every 24 hours. The kidneys have two main functions: excretory and endocrine. Excretory functions include filtering out all the waste products and excess water in the form of urine and balancing mineral and acidity levels in your body. Endocrine functions include making an enzyme which helps control your blood pressure, producing a hormone that stimulates bone marrow to make red blood cells, and activating vitamin D to keep your bones healthy and strong.

  Kidneys fail due to:


  High blood pressure (hypertension)

  Glomerular diseases

  Polycystic kidney disease

  Birth defects

  Autoimmune diseases


  How to prevent renal failure?

  Renal failure is a pathological state refers to that the renal function is totally or partially failed. It generates from last period of chronic nephropathy. So if we take great care of kidney, the renal failure is preventible.

  Avoiding being poisoned: Materials shows acute renal failure is caused by drugs, the percentage is 20% to 50%. Others are caused by touching toxic substances. So patients should avoid taking or touching drugs or substances which is harmful to kidney. Once the patients take those drugs or touch toxic substances accidentally, they should go to see the doctor immediately.

  Taking good care of five internal organs (heart, liver, spleen, lungs, kidneys) That is to say the patients should pay close attention to their work, rest, diet and hygiene to form a regular and healthy life style. In the sickly season when the epidemic disease is spreading the disease control and prevention measure should be strengthened,esp in area where the epidemic disease is developing. The patients should not take spicy, salty, greasy and deep fried food. Only through the healthy life style can the patients keep euphoric and improve blood flow so that they can avoid suffering damp, vigor stagnation and blood stasis. What’s more , the patients should try to take do more physical exercise to enhance the body defense ability.

  So paying more attention to daily care and developing healthy life habits can effectively prevent renal failure.


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