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Symptoms of patients with terminal renal failure

  As we all know, renal failure is related with the age, weight, even gender of patients. If one suffers kidney disease for a long time, his glomerular will be injured, which is very disadvantage for patients’ physical condition. Now let’s talk about the terminal symptoms for patients with renal failure.

  First, the symptoms in mental and nervous system. It includes malaise, fatigue, , headache, poor memory, insomnia, numb limbs, causalgic hands and feet, sometimes itching lower limbs or restless legs syndrome. Patients will suffer allotriosmia, nerve deafness, myasthemia in pharyngeal and laryngeal, dysuria, urochesis and etc. In the late time, the symptoms like drowsiness, dysphoria, delirious speech, muscle tremor even twitch or coma. The reason of the symptoms in mental and nervous system may the metabolites retention, the imbalance in electrolyte and metabolic acidosis.

  Second, the symptoms in cardiovascular system. It includes hypertension, myocardial damage, cardiac failure, cardiac arrhythmia, as well as sclerosis in retinal arteriolar. For the serious, there will be pericardial friction rub, hydropericardium even cardiac tamponade.

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