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How Many Times of Dialysis is Better for Kidney Failure Pati

  How Many Times of Dialysis is Better for Kidney Failure Patients

  How many times are appropriate for kidney failure patients to take the dialysis? We all know that in the late stage of kidney disease, doctors will recommend dialysis for patients to treat their disease. However, patients are very confused for the times of dialysis. How many times are appropriate and different patients will take the same times of dialysis? Of course not!

  Doctors, in reality, will ensure the times according to the concrete condition of different patients, the different residual kidney function. If the urine volume is over 800ml/day, they need to take dialysis10-12 hours for each week. Accordingly, they need to take dialysis 12-15 hours for each week, three times is better than 2 times if the urine volume is less than 800ml/day. For people who have no residual kidney function, that means there is no urine, they need to take longer time to reach adequate dialysis, 3 times per week, 4-5 hours per time is appropriate.

  The immunity will decline step by step if patients don’t take dialysis for the due times. At the same time, some complications will come to them, then their life quality will become lower and lower. With the decline of the immunity, patients will suffer infection, which will complex their disease. Therefore, patients should not reduce the times of dialysis freely, they should communicate with their doctors timely if they have any opinions.

  Patients and their families will also need to notice the food and medicine they take for these may have side effect for their physical condition. Low intake of salt and fat will be better for them.

  In conclusion, appropriate times for dialysis is the very important for prolonging patient’s life span before they take other alternative therapies or kidney transplant. Therefore, patients should cooperate with their doctors to treat their disease.

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