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Kidney failure patients should not eat those food

  Kidney failure patients should not eat those food

  For patients,kidney failure is a serious disease to damage health and it has great harm to the kidney.So we should treat this disease actively. It is necessary to take care of conditioning diet and avoid eating those food which are bad for treating kidney failure .

  1.Eating less potassium.Many people should know that food including potassium have very important function of recuperating.But for the kidney failure patients,it is a very dangerous factor which has a huge influence on disease stretch. For the kidney failure patients , the ability of the kidney to adjust potassium metabolism reduced significantly.In the condition of acute endogenous and exogenous potassium loading increasing,it is difficult to maintain the balance of potassium metabolism and grow hyperkalemia which can cause arrhythmia, decreased blood pressure, cardiac arrest, apnea and other serious consequences.Thus, kidney failure patients should be cautious to eat high potassium foods.

  2.Eating less phosphorous.It is necessary for kidney failure patients to distance this kind of food.If patients do not attach importance to remove this kind of food timely, it will lead disease to repeated or even worse, It is a huge obstacle to their smooth recovery.The reason is that eating much phosphorous will cause disorder of mineral metabolism.Beware of eating these food like animal offal,chicken soup, spareribs soup, bean products, nuts (peanuts, sunflower seeds, walnuts, pistachios and other food). It will cause complications of secondary hyperparathyroidism, skin itching, renal osteopathy.


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