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Kidney Cyst
  • Cause of renal cyst

    Update Time:2017-02-11 13:46:38 Click Rate:116

    Renal cyst is the unity of the large or small cystic mass called in the kidney of human body, which can not communicate with the outside....[readmore]

  • Symptoms of Minimal Change Nephrosis

    Update Time:2017-02-02 09:58:37 Click Rate:199

     Minimal Change Nephrosis incidence rapidly with the initial performance of edema, 50% of patients with early infection for adults, some patients have a bee sting and drug allergy history. ...[readmore]

  • Complication of Minimal Change Nephrosis

    Update Time:2017-02-02 09:57:03 Click Rate:56

    Patients with hypoalbuminemia for long-term can cause malnutrition or infection. High coagulation state can lead to thrombosis, Inappropriate diuresis and ban salt can appear low sodium or hypokalemia....[readmore]

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