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Kidney Cyst
  • Treatment of renal cysts

    Update Time:2017-04-21 14:28:58 Click Rate:115

    Due to the particularity of Kidney Cyst,there are no effective method to treat the various cysts.For the small cysts,the treatments are needless when there is no symptoms.But the regular examinations is necessary for patients to control the...[readmore]

  • Kidney cysts need to pay attention to what aspects of diet

    Update Time:2017-04-21 14:27:15 Click Rate:60

    Owing to the particularity of Kidney Cyst,there are no certain treatments to cure it.In order to relieve the symptoms and prolong the life-pan of patients furthest,the drug therapy is necessary.Besides,healthy diet is significant for contro...[readmore]

  • Symptoms of renal cysts

    Update Time:2017-04-21 14:24:52 Click Rate:51

    In early stage,the shape of kidney is normal or slightly larger.With the age increasing,the number and size of cysts are increased gradually.Most symptoms appear when renal volume is increasing into a certain level at the age of 40-50 years...[readmore]

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