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Kidney cyst diet attention to what

  1, renal cysts should be eaten with high quality protein foods, pay attention to high fiber, high vitamin food supplement and low fat, appropriate sugar diet. Not a partial eclipse, whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits, cattle, sheep, pigs lean meat, eggs, milk, fish and other edible.

  2, the patients with renal cysts, such as eating cold and cold, easy to hurt spleen and stomach yang, eat more than Xin Wen dry heat can make gastrointestinal heat, and then flavored partial addicted, long easy to hurt viscera.

  3, drink plenty of water: a variety of kidney disease due to different causes of disease, different course, treatment is not the same. In mild renal failure, due to decreased renal function, the body of metabolites need more water from the kidney can be discharged, so kidney disease without obvious edema, heart failure, high blood pressure, should not blindly limit water.

  4, renal cyst patients should pay attention not to eat salty and spicy food to stimulate, do not eat polluted, do not eat barbecue class, and renal insufficiency or uremia should also pay attention to beans and their products do not eat, limit Animal high protein food, greasy food.

  So, read the above narrative, you also understand the kidney cyst diet pay attention to it, would you like to go to the regular hospital treatment, wish your body to return to health as soon as possible.


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