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Simple causes of renal cysts

  (A) the cause of the disease

  Can be congenital glomerular, renal tubular structure caused by variation, but also due to acquired damage, infection and so on.

  (B) the pathogenesis

  The mechanism of simple renal cysts has not been fully elucidated, although non-hereditary congenital disease, but Schnlzinger (1994) found two simple renal cysts family, its genetic linkage analysis has not been found with autosomal dominant hereditary (ADPKD), that there may be autosomal dominant hereditary simple renal cysts, lesions more common in the lower pole of the kidneys, cysts originated in the renal tubules, prominent in the renal cortex surface, the appearance of blue, can also be located in the deep cortex Or medulla, the general diameter of 1cm or less, but also 3 ~ 4cm, up to 10cm or more, the capsule contains sterile clear amber liquid, 5% of bloody fluid, of which about 1/3 to 1/2 Cases of cystic wall malignant lesions, thin wall, lined with a single layer of flat epithelium, but also fibrosis and calcification was egg shell, lower pole cysts can compress the ureter caused by obstructive water and infection.


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