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Kidney cysts need to pay attention to what aspects of diet

  Owing to the particularity of Kidney Cyst,there are no certain treatments to cure it.In order to relieve the symptoms and prolong the life-pan of patients furthest,the drug therapy is necessary.Besides,healthy diet is significant for controlling the disease process and increasing patients' resistance.

  1.Keep a low salt intake

  A low salt intake can enhance resistance,avoiding aggravation of Kidneys Cyst.What's more,the intake of salt influences the edema and the blood pressure in body.Keeping a low salt intake can reduce the risk of edema and control the blood pressure effectively.

  2.Control the intake of protein

  Kidney Cyst may damage the renal function with the disease deteriorating,which will affect the renal normal work.The damaged kidneys can not keep the water,electrolyte and acid-base balance.Moreover,the leakage of protein signifies that the disease is more serious.Providing the high-quality protein intake is beneficial to stay healthy.

  3.Adjust the intake of potassium according to the patients condition.

  In fact,Increasing the intake of potassium in early stage can strengthen body resistance and control the disorganized sodium.Besides,potassium can also regulate the blood pressure,keep the function of heart and kidneys and maintain the balance of water in body.However,when renal function is damaged badly or patients condition get worse,the intake of potassium should be limited strictly,which is due to the reduced and damaged renal function.The intake of potassium may increase the renal burden and accelerate the disease progression.

  4.Take proper intake of fatty acid.

  The fatty acid can prevent the cyst from appearance,such as walnut, fishes,nuts,α-3,etc.

  5.Limit the purine intake.

  The high purine may increase the renal burden,which has negative effects on kidneys.For example,seafood,pluck and beans are often bad for renal function.

  6.Eat more fruits and vegetables.

  Some fruits and vegetables are beneficial to patients,sun as blueberry,cabbage,cranberry,etc.

  If patients abide by these diet rules,in general,cysts will not be larger.What's more,If you have other questions about your disease,you can contact the live doctor to get more professional guidance freely.


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