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Symptoms of renal cysts

  In early stage,the shape of kidney is normal or slightly larger.With the age increasing,the number and size of cysts are increased gradually.Most symptoms appear when renal volume is increasing into a certain level at the age of 40-50 years.

  1.Pain or uncomfortable of waist or abdomen

  As the number and size grow,the kidneys will become larger,causing the compression on patients' back or abdomen.Fatigue,long walk or the sitting may worsen the pain.Besides,other renal lesions may also cause the sharp pain suddenly.


  It may show as microscopic hematuria or gross hematuria.What's more,it is periodic that caused by the increases pressure or the infection.

  3.High blood pressure

  High blood pressure is a common symptom of Kidney Cyst,which increases the risk of death.The damaged kidneys can not work normally and the secretion of renin is inordinate,which lead to the blood pressure increases.What's worse,the prognosis of patients with high blood pressure is more poor than other complications.

  4.Renal hypofunction

  As the disease deteriorate,the renal damage is worse and worse and the renal function is injured badly until the renal failure.

  5.renal sone

  The renal hypofunction,caused by renal damage,breaks the acid-base balance,which causing the formation of renal stone is easier than that in normal condition.


  In ESRD,dialysis is the last way to control the patients condition and relieve the symptoms of patients.However,dialysis may cause many complications to patients,which may increase the body burden to patients.hernia is one of complications.In addition,hypotension,hypertension,heart failure and so on are the common side-affects of dialysis.

  Owing to the different disease causes and condition,the specific symptoms are various.So if you have problems about your disease,please contact the live doctor to get the free and professional guidance.


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