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Treatment of renal cysts

  Due to the particularity of Kidney Cyst,there are no effective method to treat the various cysts.For the small cysts,the treatments are needless when there is no symptoms.But the regular examinations is necessary for patients to control their physical condition.

  1.general treatment

  In general,when patients are diagnosed with Kidney Cysts it is important to keep a optimistic attitude.Paying more attention to their diet and keep a regular bedtime and rising time are good for patients condition.


  Paracentesis is the common way to slove the problems in clinic,which relieve the compression on renal parenchyma and protect most nephron from oppressing and damaging.What's more,this way can slow down the disease process and be beneficial for the renal repair.

  3.Dialysis and renal transplant

  If the disease is developing into ESRD,dialysis is a timely and effective way to control the disease process.However,there are also some serious side-affects of dialysis to patients,such as hypotension,heart failure,etc.Moreover,renal transplant is the last way to save patients.Compared with other renal disease,the risk of renal transplant fon Kidney Cyst is higher than that on other disease,due to the complicated complications.


  Micro-Chinese Medicine is a significant way to remedy the Kidney Cyst.By using the natural herbs to treating the cysts and avoid the side-affects as far as possible.It can control the disease process and relieve the symptoms effectively.Besides,it can improve the living quality and prolong the life-pan of patients.In addition,Blood Pollution Theory and Immunotherapy offer the same effective method for patients to keep their healthy.Comparing Western Medicine,TCM is safer and more effective to remedy the Kidney Cyst.


  In addition to the effective drug therapy,dietotherapy also has great effect to control the disease process.Healthy and appropriate diet can prevent the kidneys from damaging as far as possible.

  If you are diagnosed with Kidney Cyst and don't know what can you do to slow down the progress of the illness,you can talk to the online doctor to get the more professional guidance freely.


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