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What causes Kidney Cyst?

  What causes Kidney Cyst?

  There is no specific reason to explain the Kidney Cyst.But experts have discovered that it may be relative to the following factors:

  1.Congenital dysplasia:For Cystic nephritis,it may cause many diseases,such as medullary sponge kidney,dysplastic polycystic kidney,and so on.

  2.Various infections:The infection may makes the abnormal changes in body,which will provide a good condition to cysts and increase the damage on kidneys.

  3.Toxin:It is one of the most important reasons that cause the gene mutation and congenital dysplasia,etc.


  There is no symptoms in early stage.It often be examined in the medical ultrasound or Competed tomography that can check out the cysts in kidneys.


  With the disease process,the damage on kidney is worse and worse,the renal function is reduced badly.Then the serious complications may occur and it may also cause the pain of waist and abdomen,high blood pressure and proteinuria,etc.


  Prognosis is various according to the different patients.With the severe complications or the dialysis,the prognosis are bad than other patients:on the other hand,if the patients is just diagnosed with Kidneys Cysts or the renal cant support.So the treatments on Kidney Cysts are kay to patients.

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