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Symptoms of renal cysts

  Symptoms of The Enlarged Exophytic Renal Cyst:Back pains: with the enlargement of the renal cyst, the cyst will give pressure to other tissues around the kidney. And with the weight increase of renal cyst, the renal cyst will straining downward, involving the nerves around kidney. So that back pain is the common symptom of renal cyst.High blood pressure: the growth of the renal cyst, it will take the space of kidney tissues, causing kidney hypoxic-ischemic which can stimulate the renin secretion, leading to high blood pressure.Blood urine: when the renal cyst is big enough or is attacked by outside force, it will rupture, followed by the broken of micro blood vessels in cyst walls, so there are blood leaking into urine.


  • Symptoms of renal cysts

    In early stage,the shape of kidney is normal or slightly larger.With the age increasing,the number and size of cysts are increased gradually.Most symptoms appear when renal volume is increasing into a certain level at the age of 40-50 years... readmore

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