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Symptoms of Minimal Change Nephrosis

  Symptoms of Minimal Change Nephrosis

  Minimal Change Nephrosis incidence rapidly with the initial performance of edema, 50% of patients with early infection for adults, some patients have a bee sting and drug allergy history. Patients that regardless of their age are often characterized by nephritic syndrome, especially in children, 63% ~ 93% of MCN nephritic syndrome. Adult cases about one-third those with microscopic haematuria, blood volume too low can cause acute renal failure.

  Edema: edema often as the first performance of children for facial edema, the adult lower limb edema, under a scrotal edema, pleural effusion and ascites phenomenons are also common. Patients with massive ascites or pulmonary edema will caused dyspnea and respiratory distress.

  Proteinuria: selective proteinuria and give priority to with albumin. Urine protein as much as more than 10 g per day.

  Hypoproteinemia: Plasma albumin significantly lower, individual can reach below 10 g/L, it is closely related to the amount of protein lost. Immunoglobulin IgG, IgA, IgM, IgE increase. Due to the changes of plasma proteins into different component and the change of blood lipid, blood sedimentation in patients with apparent acceleration (greater than 70 mm/h).

  Lipid metabolic disorder that can appear in patients with hyperlipidemia: MCN, plasma cholesterol and three acyl glycerin increased significantly, serum can be a chyle colour.Patients with hyperlipidemia often have urinary lipid, also can appear pseudo low sodium.

  High blood pressure, low blood pressure: obvious hypoalbuminemia, effective circulating blood volume to reduce the patient can appear orthostatic hypotension, thin pulse. At the same time, some patients because of increased activity of renin angiotensin, there will be a temporary high blood pressure.

  Hematuria: some patients can appear microscopic haematuria, rare with macroscopic hematuria.

  The onset of the disease is the main clinical characteristics younger, more urgent, with typical clinical manifestations of nephrotic syndrome, it includes a large amount of urine protein, height edema, hyperlipidemia, low plasma protein concentration.There is no high blood pressure, blood in the urine and kidney damage.

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