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Diet Myth For Renal Cyst Patients

  Diet Myth For Renal Cyst Patients

  Poor eating habits at ordinary times can lead to all kinds of kidney disease occurred, the occurrence of renal cyst is one of them. So we should have good eating habits. Let's talk about life in the us which dietary misconceptions for cyst diet myth.

  Cyst diet myth:

  1. Irregularly diet. Such as hunger caused malnutrition; Too full, it is easy to injury and the digestion and absorption function of the spleen and stomach. As a result, caused qi and blood circulation disorders. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, overeating fat GanHou flavour is easy to heat.

  2. Eating unclean, mild patients will easy to intestines and stomach disease, severe patients will happen poisoning or even life-threatening.

  3. Compulsive eating, such as eating or cold food will easy injury taste sun be the spirit, feed more XinWen can make gastric heating, hot and another five partial addicted. As a result, it is easy to hurt the internal organs for a long time.

  4. Acrid types of foods: such as pepper, alcohol, smoking, including passive smoking, chocolate, coffee, fish, shrimp, crab and other stimulating food.

  5. Salty foods, especially for Pickled foods. Besides, contaminated foods like unhealthy food, rot, leftovers and barbecue foods.

  In addition, cyst dietary misconceptions include limiting animal high protein, high fat and greasy food, what is more, beans and bean products are limited for patients with renal insufficiency.

  In conclusion, bad living habits will result in the treatment of renal cyst, other bad habits in life also can make us suffer from kidney disease. Such as a full bladder, often catch a cold and unscientific drinking water. Maintaining health lifestyle can help us keep away disease.

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