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Five dietary principles of renal cysts

  Five Diet Principle for Renal Cysts: 1,Mixed grain rice, fresh vegetables and meat and eggs. 2,controlling the intake of high quality protein, pay attention to high fibrosis and high vitamin food supplement. 3, Daily diet should control salt intake. 4, controlling water intake 5, Taking less spicy and fatty food.




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    renal cysts should be eaten with high quality protein foods, pay attention to high fiber, high vitamin food supplement and low fat, appropriate sugar diet. Not a partial eclipse, whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits, cattle, sheep, pigs... readmore

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    Kidney Cyst is a kind of hereditary disease that is caused by autosomal disease.Except the necessary drug therapy,keeping the healthy living plays an important role in controlling the disease. 1.Insist on the scientific treatment Most patie... readmore

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    Owing to the particularity of Kidney Cyst,there are no certain treatments to cure it.In order to relieve the symptoms and prolong the life-pan of patients furthest,the drug therapy is necessary.Besides,healthy diet is significant for contro... readmore

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