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  • Hypomagnesemia after renal transplantation, alert for new on

    Update Time:2016-12-18 11:21:39 Click Rate:109

    Twenty-four percent of renal transplant recipients (KTR) developed new-onset diabetes (NODAT) within 3 years of transplantation. In patients with NODAT or pre-transplant diabetes, poor long-term graft function, failure to transplant, increas...[readmore]

  • Kidney disease vascular calcification of the "culprit" tu

    Update Time:2016-12-18 11:21:20 Click Rate:71

    Recently, Benjamin D. Humphreys of the University of Washington and colleagues reported that they have found stem cells that cause calcification of the blood vessels in chronic kidney disease. This study lays the foundation for further resea...[readmore]

  • Air pollution can increase the risk of kidney disease

    Update Time:2016-12-18 11:20:24 Click Rate:83

    As we all know, air pollution can lead to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. But a new study shows that air pollution can also cause kidney damage. The findings, published in the June 30 issue of JASN, call attention to the impact of a...[readmore]

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