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Kidney test alone can you understand it

When our kidneys show signs of inflammation and decline in kidney function, we need to do a kidney function test to identify the cause of our disease. Do you know what the renal function test items mean? In order to help you can more thoroughly understand their own condition, so that we can know that the kidney function of the kidney function test items you know what? Functional laboratory how to see what is meant by the word.

A, serum creatinine (Cr): serum creatinine is muscle metabolism to produce creatinine into the blood, as serum creatinine. When the glomerular filtration rate decreased to the original 1/3, the serum creatinine will rise. General rise in serum creatinine is common in chronic renal insufficiency, renal failure, uremia and other serious kidney disease.

Second, serum urea nitrogen (BUN): urea nitrogen is the final product of protein metabolism, the body of urea nitrogen is mainly excreted through the kidneys, a small part of the body can be excreted by sweat. But only when the glomerular filtration rate decreased to the original 1/2, the urea nitrogen will rise, so the determination of urea nitrogen is not very sensitive to reflect the index of glomerular filtration rate. And the detection of urea nitrogen will be affected by diet, infection, high fever and other effects. But because of plasma urea nitrogen concentration on the course of chronic kidney disease, disease prognosis and prognosis is very important to determine, so the determination of plasma urea nitrogen is still the main kidney disease, one of the biochemical tests.

Third, glomerular filtration rate (GFR): glomerular filtration rate is an important indicator of glomerular filtration rate. For the glomerular filtration rate can not be directly determined, must rely on a substance, by measuring the clearance rate of a substance to indirectly reflect the glomerular filtration rate. Such as decreased glomerular filtration rate indicates that the kidney inherent cells have been damaged, leading to renal units that glomerular filtration rate decreased.

4, uric acid (UA): uric acid is the final product of purine metabolism, the human body has one third of uric acid from food, two-thirds by their own, most excretion through the kidney excretion. Determination of uric acid helps early diagnosis of renal disease, when the uric acid was significantly higher, common in acute and chronic nephritis; other advanced renal diseases such as renal tuberculosis, pyelonephritis, hydronephrosis can also be seen uric acid concentration.

Although we teach you how to check the checklist, but it is recommended that you let a professional nephrologist to help you analyze, to facilitate the development of more suitable for your treatment!

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