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How to improve the treatment of refractory proteinuria


  2. find and correct reversible factors actively. Some patients’ treatment is not satisfactory due to the medication is not standardized, infusion unreasonable and complications are not treated in time. As a clinician, we must be standardized medication and infusion, correction of intractable urinary protein in patients with complications positively, to ensure the effect of treatment, so that urine protein is well controlled. 3. Treatment of cases that ineffective should be timely organization of expert consultation, adjustment of treatment programs to improve the therapeutic effect , reduce urinary protein excretion and delay the progress of renal damage. For patients, it’s the success of treatment to reduce urinary protein excretion amd delay the damage of renal function. we should not pursue rapid elimination of urinary protein blindly. The use of a large number of cytotoxic drugs or excessive use of immunosuppressive agents, not only will not improve the therapeutic effect, but may lead to serious complications such as infection, more further life-threatening patients and leading to treatment failure.

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