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Puffy face

  Puffy face

  A large number of nephritic patients have the symptom of puffy face, while a few of people know the mechanism of it. Puffy face, as a typical and apparent symptom for nephritic patients, is caused by edema and swelling. If we want to know the therapy of puffy face, we should at first have an all around understanding of puffy face.

  Puffy face appears when the permeability of renal glomerular basilar membrane increases, which makes a large amount of protein leak out to urine. The decrease of protein in human body will lead to the decline of osmotic pressure in plasma, which will then result in flowing liquid and edema, and then, puffy face will occur.

  To solve this problem, micro- Chinese medicine osmotherapy would be the first choice. We’ve known that the puffy face appears when the renal glomerular filtration barrier has been injured due to the superfluous deposition of immune complex and other elements. Micro- Chinese medicine has the function of extending renal arteries in all levels, and speeding up the blood circulation and blood supply. This is the foundation of improving the renal function. When the kidney function is repaired,the edema will disappear, then puffy face will disappear accordingly.

  Nowadays, micro- Chinese medicine osmotherapy, as a part of immunotherapy, is the unique therapy in Eastern Greenland Hospital. It can be divided into six steps. Micro- Chinese medicine osmotherapy has no side effects and has the ability to prevent the recurrence of kidney disease, compared with western medicine.


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