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Air pollution can increase the risk of kidney disease

  As we all know, air pollution can lead to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. But a new study shows that air pollution can also cause kidney damage. The findings, published in the June 30 issue of JASN, call attention to the impact of air pollution on kidney disease.

  In this case,

  Air pollution has become a serious problem in many Chinese cities, but its impact on health is unclear. To investigate the effects of airborne particles on renal health, Dr. Hou Fanfan, from the Southern Medical University, analyzed the renal biopsy results of 71151 patients from 938 hospitals in 282 cities in China. The follow-up period was 11 years.

  The results showed that the incidence of IgA nephropathy increased by 28.1% and the incidence of membranous nephropathy increased by 23.4% after the age and regional standardization. The adjusted odds ratio for membranous nephropathy, which can lead to renal failure, increased by 13% per year on average and the risk of other major kidney diseases remained essentially unchanged. The incidence of membranous nephropathy was highest in air contaminated areas with fine particulate matter (<2.5 μm [PM 2.5]).

  "The main finding of the study was that the incidence of membranous nephropathy in China has doubled over the past decade, and the increase in incidence is closely related to the distribution of airborne fine particulate contamination," the researchers said.

  Source: Long-Term Exposure to Air Pollution and Increased Risk of Membranous Nephropathy in China. JASN. June 30, 2016.


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