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Iga nephropathy can birth

  First, a large number of proteinuria who should not be pregnant. Pregnancy can cause decreased plasma albumin, leading to severe edema, increased blood volume, so that high blood pressure can lead to heart failure.

  Second, active nephritis women should not have children. Because nephritis activity period, that is, in addition to protein in urine, there are more red blood cells, white blood cells, tube type, the test can be seen in the blood complement C3 decreased, said the condition is unstable, the immune response is still active, this time pregnant Oil, to promote disease progression.

  Third, there are chronic renal insufficiency are not fertility. Renal insufficiency of women after pregnancy, the kidneys may be overwhelmed with renal failure, resulting in uremia, life-threatening.

  4, blood pressure is higher than 150/100 mm Hg should not have children. Such patients prone to pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome, can cause hypertensive encephalopathy, eclampsia, stillbirth, can also cause heart failure, acute renal failure, postpartum hemorrhage is also a high incidence.


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