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Iga treatment of nephropathy

  No special treatment of this disease, according to the different clinical manifestations of patients and course of disease, using different measures, the purpose is to protect renal function, slow disease progression. According to the clinical classification of IgA nephropathy as follows:

  1. Isolated microscopic hematuria

  No special treatment, regular follow-up.

  2. Repeated episodes of gross hematuria

  Removal of lesions such as tonsillectomy, according to the number of proteinuria using triple therapy (tripterygium glycosides, emodin, ACEI / ARB).

  3. abnormal urine type

  Triple therapy (tripterygium glycosides, emodin, ACEI / ARB).

  4. Vasculitis type

  (1) MMF treatment: methylprednisolone intravenous infusion treatment for three days, followed by prednisone 0.6mg / (kg.d), every 2 weeks to reduce 5mg / d to 10mg / d, after the maintenance of this dose. MMF to 0.5g, 2 / d began to administration, according to the plasma concentration increased to 1.5 ~ 2.0g / d, continuous use of 6 months to daily 0.75 ~ 1g dose maintenance, the total course of 2 years.

  (2) cyclophosphamide (CTX) treatment: methylprednisolone with MMF treatment. CTX shock therapy, once a month, a total of 6 months, after every 3 months 1. Total dose <8g. CTX treatment with azathioprine after the end of maintenance, the total course of 2 years.

  5. A large number of proteinuria (combined with minimal change)

  Prednisone regular treatment.

  6. A large number of proteinuria

  Low-protein diet, the use of tripterygium glycosides, emodin, ACEI / ARB drug therapy.

  7. Hypertension type

  Select the use of ACEI / ARB, CCB, diuretics type of antihypertensive drugs, proteinuria> 1.5g / 24 cases can be combined tripterygium wilfordii tablets.


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