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What causes IgA nephropathy?

  What causes IgA nephropathy?

  IgA nephropathy is mainly caused by autoimmune disorders which means the IgA immune globulin goes wrong.The diseased IgA immune globulin will combine with autoantibody to form immune complex that may deposited in the GMA.In addition that the GMA has some affinity with these immune complex.The deposition of immune complex will secrete inflammatory factors,as the disease worsen,the damage is related to kidneys.What's worse,the damaged kidneys may result in renal failure.

  Diagnosis-disease diagnosis

  It is necessary to take the renal biopsy to diagnose the pathology.There must be immunofluorescence or immunohistochemical results to support this conclusion.

  auxiliary examination

  1.Immunologic test

  About 50% patients have high level of serum IgA.37-75% patients era diagnosed with the specific CIC(circulating immune complex) that contains IgA.


  The examination of proteinuria is important to judge the disease condition and estimate the prognosis.The mild disease focal mesangial proliferation is the main symptoms when proteinuria < 1g/24h.Diffuse mesangial proliferation with crescent or glomerular sclerosis occurs in moderate or severe proteinuria.

  3.Renal function

  When serum creatinine is higher than 1.5mg/dl(132.6umol/L),the disease is progressing.Patients condition is worsen into stage 3 or worse with the GFR < 20ml/min.


  That RBC in urine has various shapes show that the disease roots in glomerular.


  There are several factors that influences the prognosis of IgA.

  1.Gerontal patient and the patients with older age will influence the prognosis and may cause the bad prognosis.

  2.Patients who are with continuous hematuresis and proteinuria will have the poor prognosis.

  3.Renal failure has appeared in patients,which signifies the poor prognosis.

  4,High blood pressure will increase the risk of complications and worsen the disease.

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